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As well as being an entertaining pastime for all ages, golf also offers a wealth of benefits for both physical and mental health. So why should you start playing if you don’t already?

The Social Element

Whether you prefer a cut-throat competition or a more relaxed round, golf fits in with your social life and provides great opportunities to meet new people out on the course and in the clubhouse. Leaving behind the archaic idea that golf is an elitist sport, we welcome every member with open arms, no matter their age or class, to learn and play a classically British sport. We encourage new members to learn from their established counterparts and create bonds that develop alongside your ability.



Physical Benefits

Playing a round of golf can be a great part of your fitness routine, for any age or sex.  The swing alone, which you practice numerous times throughout a round, requires the use of muscles all over the body in order to hit the ball! This means that every time you practice, you treat yourself to an all over body workout, without having to hit the gym. When you also include the walk around the course, you have a great routine with a mixture of cardio and strength.


Golf is a low-impact sport

Even those who approach the sport less enthusiastically, opting to use buggies or play shorter rounds, feel these perks. As well as these numerous benefits, golf is regarded as a low-impact sport, easier on the joints than contact games like rugby or football. Low-impact sports are perfect for older players, or those who have concerns about their ongoing health, and can be played as a lifelong hobby.


Mental Wellbeing

Like other sports, golf works wonders for mental ability, keeping the mind active and alert, as well as facilitating human contact for a reduction in stress. Anxiety can also be calmed through playing, as serotonin and endorphin levels increase through exercise, in turn causing improvements in mood. Golf provides an excellent opportunity to escape the pressures of daily life, even just for a few hours, and keeps the mind sharp through the different aspects of gameplay – keeping track of scores, weighing up the risks and rewards of shots, and more.



How To Get Started

Starting out with anything new can seem daunting, and golf is no exception, but it’s actually very easy. It’s also, contrary to popular thinking, inexpensive. Using FreedomPlay Memberships, costs can be kept down as you buy credits which can be traded for rounds at your convenience. Most clubs will also offer deals for new players to take advantage of for equipment or equipment hire, and provide free clubs to use when you take lessons so you can continue to practice.


group clinics

Group and individual lessons are available to those who need them at Crown Golf locations, with a range of experienced golf development professionals.

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