Foot Golf

Footgolf – Fun for all!

A combination of the two most popular sports in the world, what could be more fun!

What is FootGolf?

For those of you that are unaware of the term ‘FootGolf’ just imagine putting the two sports together to make a fused game .. and there you go!

A smaller course designed proportionally to the kicking ability of the world, holes measured at a 21-inch diameter and footballs to replace golf equipment. Either the real tee or a makeshift tee is used; holes vary from par 3s/4s/5s which is located in the rough or fairway areas of the golf course.

FootGolf is played, on average, in under 90 minutes and is great fun for any gender, age and ability. Very rarely will you be looking for a ball, waiting on a tee or reading putts. FootGolf takes away the seriousness of golf but keeps the competitive nature alive.

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Crown Golf In Pictures

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