Pyrford Golf Club is admired for its beautiful and varied course, with numerous water features throughout.

Now to the average non-golfer, this may sounds appealing. But those who take the game seriously, water features pose a playing nightmare. This is because there is an element of finality to a water hazard shot. If you don’t hit it well, not only does it hurt your score but the golf ball is going to be gone.

So, what are some of the ways you can avoid this water hazard anxiety? PGA news has shared the 3 following tips:

Hit the right club

It is better to choose a club that will carry the distance over water, even if this means over-egging it slightly. After all, if it ends up short and goes in the water, you’re done.

Choose the right target

Don’t risk aiming for the pin from a distance, if it is placed near a hazard. It’s too risky. Better to take one extra shot than to end up in the water. So instead, aim for the biggest part of the green if you can, until you have a better view and position.

Be in the right frame of mind

Don’t let the water psych you out. The more you focus on what could go wrong, the more likely that is to happen. Instead, stick to your usually playing techniques, think about the end result. That way, the water won’t matter. accessed 19.04.2018

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