Now call us biased, but there is just so much about this wonderful sport to be enjoyed, it seems impossible to narrow it down to a few key reasons. We’ve done our best though, and come up with five, fact based (see, we can be impartial) reasons people get into golf, and stay into golf!

It varies (No game is the same!)

If you’re an avid Golfer, you’ve probably heard it more times than you can count, that same old question ‘Don’t you get bored playing the same course all the time’? Simply put, the answer is ‘no’!

That’s because, even though the course may be the same, the conditions on the day, the people you play with and your own particular golfing skill will be completely different. No game is the same.

Not only that, but if you do like a change of scenery, there are beautiful golf courses at your disposal all around the country. Plus, a golf course is certainly more beautiful that a football pitch!

It’s steeped in tradition

Yep, in a world now full of contactless payments and self-driving cars, a round of golf is almost like taking a short time-out from the hustle and bustle.

Not only that, it’s a sport which requires certain etiquettes and respect, helping it teach us good manners and patience towards one another. There is something delightfully old fashioned about this.

It’s good for you

No, you may not look at the average golfer and think ‘athlete’, however, there is a lot to be said for the effects Golf can have on overall health and wellness.

Being in beautiful surroundings and enjoying the fresh air can make you feel so much better mentally. It’s a time to forget about all other stresses in life and simply focus on the game.

Plus, according to ‘golf-monthly’, on average a golfer will walk over 6 miles during the course of an 18-hole round.

With that kind of cardio, you’ll more than earn that post-round pint.

It’s social

You’ll rarely find a lonely Golfer. One of the greatest things about Golf, often starts with the Clubhouse. Yes, predominantly this is a place to socialise, but more importantly it’s a place where keen golfers can find playing partners who also love golf.

Regardless of age or ability, with the help of our Buddy Boards in club, you’ll find a challenger who will bring out your competitive side, or simply help you to refine your skills.

More serious? You’ll also be able to sign-up to any club competitions in the clubhouse which will help take your game to the next level.

It’s a lifestyle

Meeting up with friends, old and new, Enjoying a great sport and being able to make yourself at home in a Clubhouse are just a few reasons people everywhere remain members of their Golf Clubs.

You don’t just love golf, you love the lifestyle and opportunities it provides. The ability to travel and visit other courses, to constantly improve and challenge yourself and the access to fantastic facilities in the Clubhouses make Golf far more than just a sport.

Wanting to get started, get back into the game or simply refresh your skills?

Speak to one of our Golf Development Professionals today who will be able to help you along your journey.

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