Pine Ridge Golf Course boasts, unsurprisingly, gorgeous Pine Tree strewn surroundings. It is a course that makes you feel especially close to nature, and this is no bad thing.

Did you know for example, that being outside amongst nature helps us to relax, improves our memory, increases our attention span, and improves cognition. Something we can all benefit from in a world that usually moves at such a fast pace.

Not only that, being on the course amongst friends and fellow golfers, you’ll improve your confidence, self- esteem and social circle whilst playing the sport you love.

And these are just the mental health benefits!

Playing Golf in an environment such as Pine Ridge, can also be beneficial for your physical health. With advice from medical professionals recommending we should walk 10,000 steps a days, a few miles around the golf course will certainly help you on your way there.

You may not know it, but you’ll also be improving your heart health as the steps you take on the course get your heart pumping and working hard.

Because Golf is a low impact sport, there is also very little chance of injury, meaning you can get fitter, and stay fitter – risk free!

Start enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors today. Book a round at Pine Ridge here.

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