In the golfing world, bad weather brings on groans of despair from all around. Whether it’s work or play that brings you to the course, wind, rain, snow – they’re all unwelcome guests in our eyes.

There’s nothing frustrating than your game being affected by poor course conditions. Not only that, but it’s the recovery time of some courses that means there is even more disruption.

Luckily, South Winchester Golf Course has fantastic drainage which means the course is playable year round and is something we take great pride in.

Now, just because you can get out on the course at South Winchester, doesn’t mean it’s going to be smooth sailing in poor conditions. With this in mind, here are some hints and tips from ‘*’ on how to keep when playing in the rain.

1. Preparation is key
Pack the following items for a stress free round:
Rain gloves
Rain hood (for clubs)
Waterproof hat
Waterproof shoes
Towels—big ones!

2. Stay organized
Make sure you know where everything is located so you don’t waste precious moments fumbling around in your bag as it starts pouring.

3. Utilise your Umbrella!
Open your umbrella straight away and use it to guard towels and gloves underneath. Probably best to keep it open as an ‘equipment shield’ the whole way round.

4. High and dry
Use your (dry) towel to dry your grips and hands before each shot.

5. Time it right
In order to stay as dry and warm as possible, try to minimize your practice swings out on the course.

6. Don’t let it slip away
After you replace your ball on the green after marking, keep your umbrella over it as long as possible to reduce the amount of water that falls on the ball before you putt.
So there you have it, if you love playing golf all year round, despite the weather, then South Winchester is definitely the course for you. Of course, it looks great in the sunshine too! Book a round today.

* accessed 16.05.2018

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